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GCFA Alumni Calendar

Current Shelter Population: 102

Alumni Calendar


Announcing GCFA’s newest fundraiser/contest. The GCFA will be putting together a calendar featuring the GCFA ferret alum that you have both adopted and fostered in your home. All proceeds with go towards the care of the ferrets at GCFA shelter.

What this means for you: We are asking that you submit Photographs featuring a ferret that was adopted or fostered from the GCFA, their name from the shelter, their shelter number if you have access to it, a brief description of how this ferret affected your life, and your name. All submissions must be received by May 1st 2012. After all submissions are received a selection of photos will be presented at the June general meeting to be voted on to see who will make it into the calendar.

Rules: Pictures may contain living ferrets or those that have crossed the bridge so long as they came from GCFA. You may submit as many photos of as many ferrets as you wish, only one photo per adopter/volunteer will be eligible to be in the calendar, so remember its quality not quantity that will count. Photos will be enlarged so please keep this in mind.

Submissions can me made electronically via E-mail or by hard copy via the Mail. E-mail submissions should be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and mail submissions shoudl be sent to: GCFA Attn: Calendar PO Box 3 Lyons, IL 60534

For Volunteers: Volunteers may submit photos of ferrets from the shelter before finding forever homes, same rules apply for those submissions as they were your own ferret. So if a picture of a ferret at the shelter gets chosen your personal ferrets will not be considered. Also, if the ferret in your picture is submitted by their current owner your picture will be pulled from the running as to not repeat ferrets within the calendar.

If you have questions you can also This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and we can address those on a person by person basis.

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