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Membership Perks

Current Shelter Population: 102

Membership Perks


Becoming a GCFA member definately has its perks. Membership includes...


Receiving the "Off the Paw" Newsletter which provides you with:

•The GCFA's Shelter Report

•Our Ferret Show entry forms

•Current club information

•Upcoming events


Receiving Free Admission to various GCFA Events, such as:

•Ferret Show

•Holiday Party




Invitations to Bi-Monthly Meetings, which are informative and fun, and often: 

•Include interesting guest speakers

•Provide members with voting privileges in elections


Becoming an active member also enables to you get involved with:

•The newsletter: Do you have an interesting ferret related story to share?

•Different committees: fundraising, events, public relations & communications

•Help run the Greatest Ferret Show on Earth!

•Best Yet: Volunteering at the shelter to see how you personally can make a difference in a homeless ferret's life!

Search The GCFA

Monthly Shelter Expenses

Cleaning Supplies:

..all prices are approximate..

GFSOE Sponsors

Greatest Sponsor On Earth

In Honor of Patrick & Gisele Fund

 Ness Exotic Wellness Center

Ringmaster of Specialties

 Animal House of Chicago

Ringmaster of Titles I

Glenwood Village Pet Hospital

Ringmaster of Titles II

Chicago Exotics Animal Hospital 

Companion Title Class


Casey's Hidden Pantry

Late Alter Title Class

 Totally Ferret

Adolescent Title Class

Ferret Breeders Network

Breeder Title Class

---additional note---
bissel lost pet
We Support Bissel Lost Pet USA