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Current Shelter Population: 102



1. Does the GCFA board ferrets?

Unfortunaltey, due to the size of the GCFA Shelter and the time we devote to our furries living at the GCFA Shelter, we currently cannot and do not board ferrets but we have a list of people who do! Please look at our Boarding & Sitting page for more information.


2. How can I volunteer & what is entailed?

There are various ways to volunteer with the GCFA. Please check out our Volunteer Interest page for information about volunteering at the GCFA Shelter or our events page to get an idea of some of our events that need volunteers as we understand that it's hard for some to volunteer at the GCFA shelter. If you have more questions about volunteering at the shelter, please contact our coordinator, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


3. Is the GCFA in my area?

Check out our About GCFA page for a map of the GCFA coverage area. If you still have questions, check out the rest of our FAQ page and if your question isn't answered here, please contact the GCFA shelter at 708.442.8650.


4. How can I surrender my ferret or give the GCFA a ferret I rescued?

Please view our Surrendering & Rescueing page and if you still have questions, please call the GCFA Shelter at 708.442.8650 for an appointment. 


5. How much do the ferrets cost?

The ferrets at the GCFA Shelter do not have a cost because we are a non-profit organization. Luckily, that means that the suggested donations (sometimes known as an adoption fee) for our ferrets are tax deductible! Depending on the age of the ferret, we'll ask for a small donation that will range from $45-$100 per ferret. The younger the ferret, the higher the requested donation. We do not quote donation amounts over the phone or by email. Adoption donations will be discussed at the time of adoption. Please view our Adopt Now page to find out more about our Adoption Requirements & Foster Program.


6. I'd like to see the ferrets you have available for adoption. What should I do?

Please check out our Adoptable Ferrets page. 


7. How do I set up an appointment to adopt?

Please call the GCFA Shelter at 708.442.8650 to set up an appointment. We do not have internet service at the shelter and it is difficult for us to respond to appointment request via email therefore Not calling will probably delay a volunteer's opportunity to respond to your request. For more information about setting up an appointment, please visit our Adoption Process page.


8. Where are you located?

The GFCA Shelter does not publish it's physical address out of concern for ferrets being left outside our door. Ferrets are extremely sensitive to the weather extremes in the midwest and will die if not cared for immediately. We prefer someone surrendering their ferret(s) to set up an appointment to drop off the ferret so we can learn as much about the previous care of the ferret before accepting the surrender. If you need to surrender your ferret, please call the GCFA Shelter at 708.442.8650. If your ferret is in need of medical assistance, please call your vet immediately. If you are having an emergency and it is after hours, we recommend calling Midwest Animal Emergency Hospital (Elmwood Park) 708.453.4755 OR 911 Animal Emergency (Skokie) at 847.673.9110.


9. How often are the ferrets up for adoption updated?

Adopted & fostered ferrets are removed from the GCFA website every Sunday. Additions may come at any time so please visit often and join our Social Networks page for instant updates!


10. I have a Ferret emergency, what do I do?

If you are a foster parent: Please call the GCFA shelter director, Moira Koppe. If you have misplaced his number, please call the GCFA shelter at 708.442.8650.

If you are an adopter: Please call your vet. If you are having an emergency and it is after hours, we recommend calling Midwest Animal Emergency Hospital (Elmwood Park) 708.453.4755 OR 911 Animal Emergency (Skokie) at 847.673.9110. Other vets are listed here.


11. Do you recommend and specific vets?

The GCFA does not recommend or endorse any vet, however,  our members have recommended other vets in their area and they are listed on our Veterinarians page.


12. What is Duck soup and how do you make Duck Soup?

For years, ferret lovers have been trying to find a super formula to fatten up sick ferrets, oldsters and ferrets with ulcers. We all have been looking for something high in calories and protein, with added vitamins. After trying just about everything on the market for pets, people had just about given up, and were making do with some things that were not quite perfect for the little guys, because everything made for cats that we could find had a condensed milk base. We have heard of many miraculous recoveries attributed to Duck Soup. It has helped old ferrets, ferrets with insulinoma, ferrets with hair loss, and ferrets who are just plain too sick to eat.

1 can A/D (from your vet)

1 jar baby food (chicken gravy, turkey gravy, beef gravy - no rice!!)

1-2 Tbls of ground kibble

Blend until good and mixed and soupy. Heat until a little more than lukewarm.


13. Who do I contact if there is something wrong with the GCFA Website?

Please use the Contact GCFA page to submit concerns about the website.


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